Doors Re-open at 426 Mulberry Street

Doors Re-open at 426 Mulberry Street

As appeared on WNEP by Stacy Lange on December 4, 2012.

SCRANTON — Lindsey Cochrane has a new address, 426 Mulberry Street.

That’s an address that’s had a lot of different tenants over this building’s life span. Law offices, the chamber of commerce, even Newswatch 16. Now, Lindsey, and about 100 other people who’ve chosen to live in downtown Scranton.

“I think location is the best advantage that you have, because you’re right by all the local restaurants, all the local shopping, and you’re right in the middle. So, if you want to go downtown you are right here, if you want to go to Dickson City shopping Steamtown mall, it’s all really close,” said Cochrane.

This is the sixth downtown building that once was empty and has been renovated into apartments.

It’s come a long way since we last showed you the renovations this summer. All but eight of the 40 apartments are finished and ready to move in. It’s been modernized and partitioned of course, but the building’s new owners wanted it to look a lot like it did decades ago.

“We have restored the lobby, the lobby has tons of marble on the floors and the walls, we’ve kept as many of the historical aspects that we can. We kept the old fireplaces that used to be in the library for the chamber, said Jessica Kalinoski, a resident at 426 Mulberry

That library was split into several apartments, and the fireplace still stands but in a modern kitchen. One of the details, managers say, helped the building fill quickly. Only four apartments are still available.

In addition to the apartments, 426 Mulberry has space for four businesses to rent store fronts here on street level. Managers here said so far they already have one business that’s in the process of signing a lease.

This week, while tenants are moving in workers are still finishing up some of the minor details and getting ready for the building’s grand opening and holiday party Wednesday night. It will be held in the building’s lobby where some parts may look familiar.

“Most of the main elements of the building have stayed in place, we’ve just gone ahead and retro-fitted it for our needs, for our tenants,” said Kalinoski.

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