County Fair to return to Montage

County Fair to return to Montage

As appeared in The Carbondale News on June 29, 2019. 

Scranton: We are pleased to announce that the Lackawanna County Heritage Fair will be back at Montage Mountain Resort for 2020 and that Montage Mountain Resort will also host the 2021 fair.

The Fair Board is grateful to Montage for the outstanding logistical support that it provided to us this year for the inaugural fair, as well as for opening its water park and chair lift to patrons of the fair as part of the price of fair admission. We intend to keep the admission price at or near $10.00/pp for the 2020 fair, and to once again include the water park and chair lift in the price of admission together with the carnival rides and entertainment.

We also are very pleased to announce that 2020 is shaping up to be a great summer for world-class entertainment here in NEPA, and the Heritage Fair will be a part of it.We are cross-promoting the 2020 Fair in May, the International League 2020 AAA All Star Game at PNC Field in July, and the 2020 Air Show at the WB/S International Airport in August. This convergence of entertainment events is unique in the country – it’s only available here in NEPA.

Further details of the cross-promotion will be announced in the coming months. Our hope is that we can offer a special price to patrons who wish to attend all three of these unique and family-friendly entertainment events, and in that way give added value to our patrons by helping them to stretch their family entertainment dollars.

Finally, I would also like to take this opportunity to put out a call for volunteers to serve on committees which will help the Fair Board with the planning of the 2020 Fair. We’re especially interested in developing the more traditional themes of county fairs, such as competitions, agriculture, horticulture, and home economics, and we’re looking for people with business management backgrounds who can help us with business modeling and best practices. Anyone interested in serving on a committee can contact us at:

Once again, we thank you, the members of the news media, for covering this announcement and helping us to get this good news out to the general public.

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