repurpose v.
re·pur·pose | /rēˈpərpəs/
: to give a new purpose or use to

We recognize the changing world we live in. Over the years, cities and towns outside of the major metro areas that were once magnets for people and culture lost population to suburban developments. Today, there is a move back to cities, back to community..
We believe technology has evolved to the point were it supports the desire of people to live in communities that offer a higher quality of life while working virtually anywhere. Major metro areas are great places to visit but they lack the closeness and sense of community offered in smaller towns. Developing real estate opportunities in these areas requires a higher level of commitment and longer-term business outlook that is not appealing to many developers. It’s also more difficult.
Jefferson-Werner, LLC, is an experienced urban real estate developer. Our vision is to bring our experience, our market driven creativity to cities outside of the major metro areas. The trends are changing and urban living is attractive again. Repopulating our cities offers benefits beyond eliminating urban sprawl. It is the ultimate in green to repurpose and reuse older buildings. Our vision is to be the expert, the go to company for development needs in these communities.

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