Jefferson-Werner, LLC, is a Real Estate Development Company with over 20 years of experience.  Partners began working in the real estate industry in the early 1990’s as a transition from a successful career in facilities and property management. This background in hands-on asset management coupled with transaction and development experience coming from our own projects affords us a unique perspective.  We not only understand how to get the job done, we’ve actually done the work many times over.

Our Vision

We recognize the changing world we live in.  Over the years, cities and towns outside of the major metro areas that were once magnets for people and culture lost population to suburban developments.  Today, there is a move back to cities, back to community.

We believe technology has evolved to the point were it supports the desire of people to live in communities that offer a higher quality of life while working virtually anywhere.  Major metro areas are great places to visit but they lack the closeness and sense of community offered in smaller towns.  Developing real estate opportunities in these areas requires a higher level of commitment and longer-term business outlook that is not appealing to many developers.  It’s also more difficult.

Jefferson-Werner, LLC, is an experienced urban real estate developer.  Our vision is to bring our experience, our market driven creativity to cities outside of the major metro areas.  The trends are changing and urban living is attractive again. Repopulating our cities offers benefits beyond eliminating urban sprawl.  It is the ultimate in green to repurpose and reuse older buildings.  Our vision is to be the expert, the go to company for development needs in these communities.

The Team

Principal – Charles C. Jefferson

Charles Jefferson is the founding principal of Jefferson-Werner, LLC.  Mr. Jefferson is responsible for managing the Company’s growing portfolio of innovative development projects.  Prior to forming Jefferson-Werner, Mr. Jefferson served as the Vice President of Development for a national developer and Executive Director for the real estate subsidiary of one of the larger universities.  He received a MBA in Finance and BA in Marketing from Temple University.

Duane A. Wagner

Duane Wagner has over 15 years of Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development experience – specializing in historic adaptive reuse and urban infill development.  Throughout his career he has held various positions within the real estate development industry, focusing on project financing, financial reporting, loan & lease negotiations and debt & equity structuring and placement.

Jessica Kalinoski

Jessica Kalinoski leads the sales and marketing efforts for Jefferson-Werner and manages daily operations of the all aspects of property management.   Jessica’s experience in business development at a grassroots level creates new opportunities for each property for our residents, commercial tenants and partners alike.

Mark Belleteire

Mark Belletiere has 25 years of extensive experience as finance professional.  Mark’s experience includes strategic planning and analysis, accounting, corporate reporting, budgeting and forecasting, operations, tax planning and preparation, regulatory compliance and filing, merger and acquisition due diligence and investor relations.  Mark holds an MBA in Finance and a BA in Accounting from Wilkes University.  He also holds security licenses 7, 79 and 63.


Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines repurpose as giving a new use or purpose to. Real estate development in the new economy is about repurposing.  Whether it is an infill site in an urban area, an existing building or raw land, opportunity is not in what it is but rather what it can be.

Developing for our own account affords us a unique perspective.  Whether its initial due diligence or a fresh look on an existing opportunity, we’ll provide the expertise to help sort through the various scenarios and create a success.


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Our experience has given us the opportunity to work on some of the largest and most complex projects in the country.  As owners, partners and employees, we have worked extensively to bring great projects to life.  We believe success is determined by consistent and flawless execution, setting and sharing goals and delivering on your promises.  We bring this belief to every task.

  • Development Management
  • Due Diligence Assistance
  • Owner Representation
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • HTC & NMTC Assistance
  • Financial Modeling
  • NMTC Compliance Reporting
  • Distressed Asset Purchases 
  • Strategic Planning

Our current projects include relationships with

  • PNC Bank
  • US Bank
  • Commonwealth Cornerstone Group
  • Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency

News & Events

  • Mar 25
  • 2017

Skiers and Snowboarders Hit the Slopes One Last Time

It's the final weekend for snow sports at Montage Mountain in Scranton. And even though we're having some spring weather, there's just enough snow left for a final ride. "Well, I was wearing shorts while snowboarding today," said Zach Chilson, a 12-year-old on the slopes. Springtime skiers hit the slopes one last time -- but this time they ditched the winter coats. "The temp was fantastic out there today! I was riding in a t-shirt," said James Grace. Even though the spring sun is quickly melting the snow at Montage Mountain, the season did last longer than people expected.

  • Mar 24
  • 2017

The Leonard Theater Looks To Improve Adams Avenue By Drawing Crowds

Hundreds of party-goers took a trip back to the 80's as The Leonard Theater in Scranton hosted a “Back To The Eighties Show” The bash featured the popular New York City band "Jessie's Girl". The show sold out, making it the largest event at the Leonard since it opened in 2014. “It’s perfect, it's a perfect venue, it really is,” said Leanna Brazil from Scranton. “So glad for something like this to be downtown.”

  • Mar 16
  • 2017

Montage Mountain Ski Resort Extending Season After Record Snow Fall

At Montage Mountain Ski Resort, families were turning a snow day off from school to a ski day. “We were all dug out yesterday so school`s off and we figured what a better way to spend the day,” said Michaelyn Reichwein from Mount Carmel. “It's beautiful.” With Tuesday's winter storm dropping more than a foot of snow in our area, many students still haven't returned back to class, so why not spend this beautiful day on the slopes?

  • Mar 12
  • 2017

Scranton's downtown boasts elements for success

Scranton benefits from several key elements that help spur downtown renewal: preserved historic buildings; numerous government facilities and nearby hospitals, colleges and other institutions; and a daily influx of thousands of employees and others who work at or use those services. More people living downtown adds to its critical mass and promotes more growth, said developer Charles Jefferson, whose holdings in the city include two downtown buildings he converted into apartments — the Connell and former Chamber of Commerce buildings, both on North Washington Avenue, as well as the Leonard Theater on Adams Avenue. His apartment buildings had 100 percent occupancies since each opened, he said.

  • Mar 5
  • 2017

Perfect Day for Cardboard Sled Derby At Montage Mountain

Yellow submarines, battleships, and dragons all in one place? Those were some of the designs for the second annual Cardboard Sled Derby at Montage Mountain Ski Resort in Scranton. "The game plan is to get as many people as we can and to make it across the finish line alive," said Alysa Scavone of Exeter. Racers spent lots of time and effort creating their sleds. "Cardboard box derby turned out great, just a testament to our crew and how we bounce back. And put a great product out there and we are loving it," said Jeff Slivinski, director of marketing at Montage Mountain.

  • Mar 3
  • 2017

Montage Mountain to Reopen After Storm Damage

Atop the mountain today was a sight and sound many felt was doubtful after some of the warmest -- and wildest -- winter weather some have ever seen: snow making. After a week of nearly 70 degree days, plus extensive damage from an EF-2 tornado, Montage Mountain was forced to close in order to clean up and regroup from the one, two punch. "You know, we're fighters here at Montage, so we kind of took it with the attitude, 'we're going to make this happen and we're going to put snow down and we're going to get back open'," said Jeff Slivinski, Director of Marketing at Montage Mountain. Slivinski says the resort in Scranton plans to open again Saturday morning -- a tall order considering power was just restored in full Friday morning.

  • Jan 18
  • 2017

Samters Building Slated for Apartments

For years, people in Scranton have passed a prominent building downtown but have no idea what is inside. From the 1920s through the 1970s, Samters Brothers Clothing Store welcomed shoppers. Then it was office space. Later this year, it is set to be renovated into apartments. The Samters Building, on the corner of Lackawanna and Penn in downtown Scranton, is set to open as retail space and apartments later this year. It adds to businessman Charlie Jefferson's portfolio in downtown Scranton. His company now has about 200 apartments that his company says they have no trouble filling.

  • May 5
  • 2016

‘Bar Pazzo’ to Open in Scranton

Bar Pazzo will open soon inside the Connell Building. The building is also home to about 100 apartments. Downtown living is one of the reasons Bar Pazzo's owners wanted to give downtown Scranton a try. "It always had to be where there's a lot of people. There's 100 people that live upstairs, so we're going to cater to everyone who is downtown," said Sam Agolino. Part-owner Agolino says he wanted to capitalize on the growing number of people who live in downtown Scranton. The restaurant will share the Connell Building with about 100 downtown residents.

  • Mar 21
  • 2016

Charter School Helps to Recast South Bethlehem as Arts District

They fill the hallway between classes, some giggling in pairs and others tapping their smartphones as they lumber toward their next class. The crowd of teens in T-shirts and jeans is punctuated by a few in leotards and others with large instrument cases slung over their shoulders. Some practice their fancy footwork in the hallways, while others warm up their vocal chords by singing a few bars. It's just a typical day at the new Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts, which moved into a new building last fall in south Bethlehem. In what was once a quintessential blue-collar part of town, students now learn to pirouette, write music and paint while they master their academic subjects.

  • Nov 16
  • 2015

Festival brings together beer aficionados

When Bill Packer’s wife, Beth, bought him a kit to brew his own beer for Christmas a couple of years ago, the Scranton resident discovered a new hobby. Mr. Packer was one of dozens of people who attended lessons from the Scranton Brewers Guild at the Electric City Fall Craft Brew Fest at Montage Mountain, which packed Montage with beer-lovers on Saturday.

  • Nov 14
  • 2015

Brew Fest on Tap at Montage Mountain

Every beer lover's fair share of brews were on tap in Scranton at the lodge at Montage Mountain. The Electric City Craft Brew Fest kicked off Saturday afternoon. Event goers could enjoy more than 100 styles of beers on tap.

  • Sep 13
  • 2015

Happy Warriors: Northeast PA Yoga Festival takes over Montage Mountain

The swimming pools were nearly dry and the ski hills still green, but plenty of energy and activity was still on display at Montage Mountain on Saturday at the first Northeast PA Yoga Festival. The festival is the brainchild of Chelsea Manganaro, the founder of Nearme Yoga in Wilkes-Barre and Moosic. The yogi said she came up with the idea while sipping beers at the Electric City Craft Brew Fest at Montage Mountain this spring.

  • Sep 4
  • 2015

Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts celebrates new school

Walking through the new Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts building, school Executive Director Diane LaBelle said it was like moving from a cave to the Taj Mahal. Tuesday morning 580 Charter Arts students will arrive at 312 E. Third St. for their first day of school in the new four-story, $26 million building on South Side Bethlehem.

  • Aug 16
  • 2015

Peach Festival brings music, spectacle to Montage Mountain

Peach Music Festival hit its stride Friday afternoon and evening as the sun-kissed Pavilion at Montage Mountain filled with the sounds of jam bands, edgy folk and psychedelic rock on three stages. The night before, a pair of sets by Dark Star Orchestra and an evening spent under the stars by overnight campers set the tone for a weekend-long love-in of ethereal music.

  • Jul 27
  • 2015

1st annual NEPA Yoga Festival will be held at Montage Mountain in Scranton on Sept. 12

Northeastern Pennsylvania will celebrate National Yoga Month with the first annual NEPA Yoga Festival on Saturday, Sept. 12 from 10 a.m.-10 p.m., rain or shine, at Montage Mountain in Scranton. In addition to promoting an overall healthy lifestyle, the festival is focused on yoga. It will offer a diverse array of yoga instruction for every yogi – beginner to advanced level.

  • Apr 19
  • 2015

EC Brew Fest draws record crowd under blue skies

With blue skies and temperatures pushing toward 80 degrees, almost 3,000 people agreed Saturday was a great day for a beer, or several beers, at the Electric City Craft Brew Fest. With still-melting snowpack at Montage Mountain Ski Resort looming in the background, the extraordinary weather caught some off guard.

  • Apr 8
  • 2015

Bethlehem House Gallery to Host the Lehigh Valley Charter Arts Senior Student Art Exhibit

Bethlehem House Gallery, a contemporary art gallery providing innovative art in a variety of contemporary styles, will host the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (Charter Arts) for its annual Senior Student Art Exhibit. The exhibit will take place at Bethlehem House Gallery, 459 Main Street, Bethlehem, April 10-May 10, 2015. The opening reception will be held on Friday, April 10 at 6pm.

  • Apr 7
  • 2015

Bethlehem Economic Growth Spurred by Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts

When Hellertown resident Dana Frisk owned a second-hand clothing store in Whitehall Township, customers would regularly ask her to consider opening a shop in Bethlehem. When she learned of an open shop across from the under-construction Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, she jumped at the chance.

  • Apr 1
  • 2015

March accolades at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts

Figure skating students at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (Charter Arts) passed United States Figure Skating Association Tests earlier this month. Nine Charter Arts theatre majors competed in the PA Shakespeare Festival's High School Competition this month. Senior instrumental music major, Tory Figueroa, was chosen to perform with the PMEA All-State Honors Ensemble in Hershey, Pennsylvania, earlier this month.

  • Mar 27
  • 2015

Frigid winter couldn't dampen region's skiers

Skiers like the cold, generally speaking, but too much of it could keep them indoors. Charles Jefferson, part owner of Montage Mountain, said Presidents Day weekend — most ski resorts’ “bread and butter” — was one of the coldest of the season, which left the mountain all but barren.

  • Mar 22
  • 2015

Last Day of Ski Season Draws Big Crowd to Montage

It’s another sign of spring, despite some new snowfall and chilly temps. Sunday is the last day of skiing for the season at Montage Mountain. Skiers and snowboarders packed the slopes to get in the last few runs of the season. Folks with Montage tell Newswatch 16 everything is open until 9 p.m.

  • Mar 8
  • 2015

Relief from Winter Weather for Skiers, Snowboarders

What a relief it was to feel the warm sunshine Sunday and get outside without having to layer up. Newswatch 16 found skiers and snowboarders on the slopes at Montage Mountain in Lackawanna County. Most of this winter has been so cold, people needed to wear extra layers of clothing to keep warm, but not Sunday.

  • Feb 24
  • 2015

Winter Festival Hits Montage Mountain

Lots of folks took a day off from work Tuesday and hit Montage Mountain for a day of skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. But all the fun had a purpose. Winter Festival 2015 is an event designed to introduce corporate executives from outside the area to the quality of life northeastern Pennsylvania has to offer.

  • Feb 14
  • 2015

Presidents Day Weekend Celebration at Montage Mountain

The long Presidents Day weekend is usually a big one for ski resorts and Newswatch 16 found Montage Mountain was no exception. Folks filled the slopes for the torchlight parade as part of the resort’s Presidents Day celebration. After the torches lit up the mountain, fireworks brightened the sky as part of the festivities in Lackawanna County.

  • Feb 5
  • 2015

Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts celebrates school construction milestone

Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts celebrated a milestone in the construction of its new $26 million school Wednesday afternoon. School Executive Director Diane LaBelle signed the final piece of the new South Side Bethlehem school's exterior structure, and a crane raised it into the sky and lowered it into place on the roof. "This is an incredibly exciting day," LaBelle said.

  • Feb 4
  • 2015

Charter school for arts 'tops off' roof with final beams

Construction crews are putting the finishing touches on one part of a charter school's new home in Bethlehem. The final pieces of the roof were put in place at Third and Polk streets Wednesday. The building is the future home of the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts, which has outgrown its current location on East Broad Street.

  • Feb 4
  • 2015

VIDEO - Charter school for arts 'tops off' roof with final beams

Video report of construction crews putting the finishing touches on one part of a charter school's new home in Bethlehem.

  • Jan 11
  • 2015

Kristin Brooks goes from Bethlehem to touring with Sam Smith

The finer artists are adept at living in the moment onstage. Kristin M. Brooks takes it one step further. Brooks is living in the moment in terms of her career. Many young singers obsess about when their name will be featured on a marquee. But the 2006 Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts graduate, who is singing backup for emerging British soul sensation Sam Smith, isn't looking past her current tour, which comes to Philadelphia's Liacouras Center Tuesday.

  • Dec 19
  • 2014

Montage Mountain Celebrates 30 Years of Skiing

Not a lot of natural snow around here, but there is snow on the slopes. Skiers and snowboarders were back on Montage Mountain in Scranton Thursday morning as the ski resort opened for the season. In honor of the resort’s 30th anniversary, daily lift tickets will be on sale Friday for $19.84. The resort will be open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

  • Dec 18
  • 2014

Montage Mountain Opens for Season

The opening of 10 trails, three lifts and the terrain park follows several weeks of snowmaking and help from Mother Nature. To commemorate the facility’s 30th anniversary, a lift ticket valid for a day will cost $19.84 Thursday and Friday.

  • Dec 15
  • 2014

The Leonard is here!

Patrons of the many establishments on Adams Avenue in Scranton have gazed upon an empty façade for years. The shuttered Moonshine Theatre only hosted a few performances before closing for good and has tantalized passers-by ever since. The building will finally see new life when The Leonard Theater, 335-339 Adams Ave., Scranton, opens its doors this week.

  • Nov 26
  • 2014

Montage Mountain celebrates 30th anniversary.

Montage Mountain Ski Resort has been providing fun and leisure in northeastern Pennsylvania since 1984 and is anxious to celebrate its 30th anniversary with the public. “So many people have learned to ski here. This is where I learned to ski. So many people have grown up coming to the mountain and that’s why being around for 30 years is such a big deal to us. We wanted to thank our supporters and find a way to celebrate this milestone with our loyal guests,” said Montage Mountain’s director of sales and marketing, Sarah Farrell.

  • Nov 12
  • 2014

Montage Mountain Receives 2014 SAGE Award

Surveying the crowded Theater at Lackawanna College on Tuesday, Robert Durkin flashed a smile and then whispered one word. Success. “There is a tremendous amount of economic activity in this region, and tonight we are celebrating a number of successful businesses,” said Mr. Durkin, president of the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce. Hundreds of people attended the chamber’s fifth annual Gala, as area businesses were recognized for their achievements.

  • Oct 20
  • 2014

Accera: Charter Arts holds students to high standards

I believe that the best charter schools are those that fill a need not being served by the public school system. They provide instruction in some areas in more depth than the school system is able to provide, or they teach in ways that reach students who learn differently. Such an example is the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts (Charter Arts). I am proud to have served as president of the school's board of directors for more than 10 years. Many of the other board members are current or former teachers and administrators from public school systems.

  • Oct 7
  • 2014

Governor Corbett announces grant for local school

Governor Tom Corbett stopped by a school on East Broad Street in Bethlehem. He was at the Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts to announce details of a new grant. Corbett says the one-million-dollar grant will be used to develop and expand the charter school.

  • Oct 7
  • 2014

Corbett, arts charter school celebrate $1 million grant

Back when Tom Corbett was in high school, long before the students at Bethlehem's Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts were born, the future Pennsylvania governor had "a neat idea." Corbett, as he told the school's students and teachers Tuesday, decided he would be in a school play, taking an unspecified role "way in the back" in two shows. "Then I realized I didn't have talent," he joked. Talent or not, Corbett took the stage again Tuesday to help the school celebrate a $1 million grant for its new building, currently under construction at East Third and Polk Streets next to Looper's Grille and Bar.

  • Sep 13
  • 2014

Barbeque Competition Brings Folks to Montage Mountain in Scranton

Grillmasters faced off today in Lackawanna County to see who was number one. Teams from all over the east coast competed to see who had the best barbeque at the first annual “Coal Cracker Smoke and Stoke Barbeque Competition” at Montage Mountain Resort.

  • Sep 5
  • 2014

Theater Renamed "The Leonard"

SCRANTON — An old theater has a new name in downtown Scranton. The Moonshine Theater on Adams Avenue will now be known as “The Leonard.” The theater is inside the former Leonard’s hardware store that had been in the downtown for decades. Facebook users voted on the name. The first event at The Leonard is scheduled later this month. An official grand opening is planned for the spring.

  • Aug 2
  • 2014

Non-profit Fundraiser Helps Showcase Scranton’s Growth In Downtown Living

The city of Scranton got to showcase its recent growth of downtown living Friday night, offering a tour of eight historic buildings that are all in the process of being refurnished with modern apartments. This comes as the city is attempting to tackle a controversial recovery plan to get out of its financial hole.

  • Jul 24
  • 2014

City Living Tour offers look at downtown residences.

Formerly a stockbroker office in downtown Scranton, the fifth-floor, corner apartment with a balcony overlooking Lackawanna County Courthouse Square bears mementos of Mr. Ballot’s own life and the building’s past. And now, the public can visit Mr. Ballot’s home and seven other downtown properties during Redesigning Downtown — The City Living Tour on Friday, Aug. 1, to raise money for Voluntary Action Center of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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